Paranormal Night

Jacket: J.Crew / Top: H&M / Shorts: J.Crew Factory / Shoes: Franco Sarto / Bag: Dooney & Bourke / Jewelry: Ann Taylor necklace (similar here), Ann Taylor Loft bracelet, Stella & Dot rings

Thanks to my little peanut friend, Lindsay (exciting post of her to come later), I have these great shots to share with you!  We had a mini, impromptu, girls pow wow this past weekend.  Atlanta has recently become a popular place to make movies, so there are a lot of new and exciting restaurants with lots of celeb sightings.  We heard of a place close by called JCT where Sarah Jessica Parker had just eaten last week, so we decided to give it a try.  I thought this little number would be “Carrie” approved.  No celeb sightings, but we did have good food, drinks and lively music.  And what girl’s night wouldn’t be complete without a scary movie?  To finish the night we terrified ourselves (kind of) by watching Paranormal Activity 3.  Not sure which is scarier, the movie or how short I look….

TIP: If you get scared while watching horror movies, just remember these three things:  They are acting, they had to audition for that role (most likely),  and finally, think about how many takes per scene they had to do.  Non-Fashion related, I know, but this is an essential life tool I’m giving you people…now you can safely go to the bathroom by yourself without the help of a parent after watching a scary movie!


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