Polka Party

Top: J.Crew  (old, similar here)  /  Skirt:  H&M (old)  /  Shoes:  Steve Madden  /  Belt:  J.Crew (similar here)  /  Clutch:  J.Crew  /  Necklace:  Stella & Dot  /  Sunnies:  Marc by Andrew Marc via TJ Maxx

I’ve had this skirt for a while now, but seeing as how spots are showing up everywhere, I thought I would break mine out too.  This type of trend could lead into the famous question, “Well, if everyone is jumping off a bridge, does that mean you will too?”  My response:  Yeah, I probably would; if EVERYONE jumped, who the hell would be left to talk to???  I certainly don’t want to be alone with all my fashions and no one to display them to and vice versa.  Since we are all smarter than that, I don’t have to worry about jumping off a bridge, only what to wear with this polka skirt.  It’s been so bloody hot I just kept it simple with a classic up-do.

TIP:  New Go To Hair-Do – I never thought I could do a french twist, but it’s quite simple really.  Tie a low pony and twist loose hair upwards while tucking at the same time.  Once hair is in place, pin & spray the bu-jeesus out of it!  I teased the front a little before I started also:)  Here’s where I got the idea: www.oliviapalermo.com

They’re Back!!!

Top: J.Crew  /  Pants: J.Crew  /  Shoes: Vince Camuto via TJ Maxx  /  Bag:  Zara  /  Necklace:  J.Crew (similar here, thanks to Gigi of Gigi’s Gone Shopping)  /  Sunnies:  Marc by Andrew Marc via TJ Maxx

You know I will be the first one to call myself out!  Could I have more pictures of myself in this post?  Yes, yes I could, but I will spare you the overload.  Another question you might be asking yourself:  does this girl shop anywhere other than J.Crew?  Twenty percent of the time, yes I do.  Third and final question:  do those shoes really go with that?  I asked myself that too and again, twenty percent of the time, yes, I think they do.  The other eighty percent of the time, I just like them so much, I assumed I would make a Tim Gunn moment out of it.  Which means, make it work, for those that have been living under a rock or without Project Runway.   By the way, the pants are back!  Last seen here.  Which look do you like better?

P.S. I hope you had a great weekend and I truly appreciate you stopping by!

Lemon Zest

Top: Ann Taylor  /  Shorts: J.Crew  /  Shoes:  Webster for Target  /  Clutch:  J.Crew  /  Jewelry:  Stella and Dot bracelet, Banana Republic bangles

Yes, I do own an ironing board, I’ve just never seen it.  I’m aware these shorts need to be ironed, but I abhor ironing.  My mom irons everything, even her pillow cases.  Consider this me “rebelling” for all those years I lived her and she wanted me to iron my pajamas.  Who the hell cares if I have wrinkles while I’m sleeping???  The tooth fairy?  Keep your 50 cents (that’s what I got when I was little), you cheap, judgmental fairy!  I actually have a steamer; that I’m ok with, but I was just being lazy here.  I got these cheerful shorts on super sale.  The color was described as “lemon zest”  and zest is right!  Of course I had to pair them with some patterns, toned down patterns that is.

TIP:  Never be pressured by anyone to iron if you don’t want to.  Not your mom, not the tooth fairy, not your dog.  Just know, some people might laugh at you.  But then there is Karma, and they will step in gum.