Ode to Olivia


Blazer: J.Crew (old) / Top: J.Crew (old) / Pants: J.Crew / Shoes: Audrey Brooke via DSW / Bag: Perlina (old) / Jewelry: Nixon watch, Stella and Dot bracelet, earrings handmade from designer in Sayulita, Mexico. 

Just so we are all on the same page about which Olivia I’m ode-ing to, it’s Ms. Olivia Palermo.  Some people (my mum) might think I was referring to Olivia Newton John, in which case I would have sported a shiny leotard over panty hose with leg warmers.  I just automatically think of her “let me hear your body talk” video.  Alright, back to the elegant Palermo, I just love her style.  It also helps that she has a gorgeous face and her body is the size of a flag pole.  Even on her most laid back of days she always looks so well put together.  So when I bought these floral pants from J.Crew, I had to ask myself what would Olivia do?

P.S.  Hey Olivia (Palermo or Newton John)  if you happen read this, how’d I do?


8 thoughts on “Ode to Olivia

  1. What cute pants! You look fabulous in them. The shoes are cute as well, but is it possible that they might be a bit large on you? I’m looking at the second picture from the bottom.

    Tammy of “Walking in Pretty Shoes”

    • Thanks Tammy! The shoes are a bit big. I needed half a size smaller, but they didn’t have them. I really liked them and they were on clearance plus I had a coupon (made them 30 bucks), so I figured I would have a Tim Gunn moment and make it work. The adjustable strap helps them not slide off, but I guess it’s still noticeable, oh well:)

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