Pool time with the Puggle

Coverup: Topshop  /  Hat: Brixton  /  Swimsuit: Old Navy  /  Flip Flops: OKA b.  /  Sunnies: Antrhopologie

Yes, I like to match my outfits to my dog.  Not really, I just noticed we happen to coordinate a-la-Kim K. and Kanye style.  So I saw this cover up on a girl, but I never asked her where she got it (I have no kahunas), luckily I was born with an inherent fashion tracking device and found it on Topshop.  I love this cover up because, even though it’s long, it doesn’t get hot and it can be dressed up if you want to go to a dinner straight from the pool or beach.  I also love the t-strap back , it’s an interesting detail.  My beach days will never be boring again, wahoooo!

TIP:  This is actually directed to myself, but I figured someone out there may want to hear it too, never be afraid to approach a stranger about their awesome fashion choices, even if you are half-naked when you do so. 


18 thoughts on “Pool time with the Puggle

  1. Love the t-strap and print of this dress! Your tip is so on-point: I usually pay a compliment and then ask, “Do you mind sharing where you got it?” That way if a person doesn’t feel comfortable sharing their sources, they have an easy, polite out.

    • Really? That’s your first comment??? Since I married you, I will let it slide. No I don’t watch her show, I’m just constantly inundated with images of her in the media. You know that, silly!

    • Thank you love! He’s my little buddy, Augie. My tattoo has lyrics (not seen) from one of my fave Pearl Jam songs, just breathe. Reads, “Hold me till I die, meet you on the other side.” The feather is a peacock pen quill coming off the words. I have a thing for anything peacock related, they are suppose to be good luck and I’ve heard ward off evil spirits. I just think they are really pretty.

    • Oh my! I’m not sure what that translates into, but it sounds like a lot, so I’ll take it:) So glad you stopped by Tabitha! Have to say I’m a bit giddy to have comments from you:) Thanks so much! xoxo

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