Top:  J.Crew (similar here)  /  Skirt: J.Crew  /  Shoes: Zara  /  Bag:  Dooney & Bourke  /  Necklace:  Ann Taylor (similar here)  /  Sunnies:  Target 

I have to thank my husband for getting me this skirt and the sunglasses.  What….a good husband, leaving me little gifts, speaking my love language!!!  I was eying this skirt for a while, thinking of all its styling possibilities and then once it was in my possession, I was overjoyed and overwhelmed with excitement, all of my styling ideas flew right out of my head and I panicked.   Yes, fabric is super stimulating for me.    It was like when you were in grade school and the boy/girl you liked finally called you and then you hung up on them because it was so terrifyingly surreal they were actually calling, you couldn’t possibly get your mouth to form a sentence.  Luckily, I have matured (some), so I wasn’t going to give up on this pencil skirt.  I do what never fails, answer like with like.  It was striped so it must go with a stripe!  It’s like answering a question with a question, you will always win. Try it.

P.S.  This skirt is also great paired with a chambray shirt seen here on Sequins and Stilettos and here on jcrewismyfavestore.  It also looks lovely with white, seen here on Tweed and Toile.  Thank you and enjoy!!!


45 thoughts on “Stripe-O-Rama

  1. I LOVE this outfit!!!! You look fabulous as always! And, I also love your point about your husband “speaking [your] love language.” I love it! That’s one of my favorite books!!!! I’m actually shocked that gifts isn’t one of my love languages, LOL! And, thanks SO much for the link love.

  2. First of all, your hubby gets major brownie points! Secondly, gorgeous print mixing here! I spent last night working on a print mixing how-to post, and stripes-on-stripes is one of the looks I put together. If it’s ok with you, I’d love to link to this post as well because you are rocking such a super stylish, approachable way to wear different patterns.

    • Thank you so much friend! You can definitely link to my post! I’m so happy and grateful you like my styling so much to refer to it in your post, thanks for that:) I love how informative your blog is btw and am following you now. Your style is precious, xo

  3. Another outfit victory!! I never would have thought of this but it looks great on you!! Thanks for the idea! Keep it up!

    • Thank you! Sometimes I wonder if I should be walking out of the house dressed as i am, but then I think “who cares, as long as I like it!” Love this skirt too, I periodically walk by my closet and just look at it in all it’s glory, is that weird? lol

  4. I would love to do a stripes with stripes outfit, but I have no stripey bottoms–only tops! Maybe I can do a striped dress/blazer combo in the cooler future! Looks great with the leopard, too!


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