Summer with J.Crew

Jacket: J.Crew  /  Shirt:  J.Crew crewcuts  /  Jeans:  J.Crew  /  Shoes:  J.Crew (similar here)  /  Clutch:  J.Crew  /  Necklaces:  J.Crew (similar here), Stella & Dot  /  Sunnies: Ralph Lauren

Can you guess what my favorite store is?  I will give you a hint if you haven’t figured it out yet, it starts with a “J” and ends with a “Crew.”  Sometimes when I walk in there, I wonder if other shoppers will think I’m a sales associate since I’m usually decked out in head to toe crew wear.  And then I get embarrassed because the sales associates are probably thinking “She’s in again!  Someone just give her a name-tag already!”  It’s quite possible J.Crew puts sugar or crack in their clothes.  Both are equally addicting.  I haven’t met a sugar cookie I could say no to.  And I haven’t met a J.Crew chambray shirt I could say no to either.  Or a J.Crew jacket.  Or J.Crew shoes.  Get the point?  At least it leads to posts like this….so revel in my addictions viewers!  Do you have stores you swear by?  Please say I’m not the only one.

P.S. See this tweed blouse styled another way here


41 thoughts on “Summer with J.Crew

  1. Okay, so I think that we’re twins, LOL!!! I know what you mean about someone giving you a name tag to work at J. Crew! The SAs in the retail store in my city often say that I should work with them. As always, your outfit is absolutely amazing. I want to live in your closet!!!!

    • LOL! Not as much as I want to live in yours:) Sometimes I know too much. I’ve asked the SA’s in my store on items they don’t even know about. Some of us are like walking catalogs, I wonder if it freaks them out.

  2. I totally understand the comment about “walking catalogs”…I feel the same way too! I know the names of colors and styles, present and past and there is rarely a day that I’m not decked out in J Crew. More than once, I’ve thought about taking a second job at the Crew but it might be more than my “system” could take! :o)

    • So glad you can relate. When I went to visit my bff in NYC, I was pointing out everyone that had a J.Crew item on. I think she was a little shocked and annoyed. I can spot a JC item a football field away, is that a skill??? I too have thought about getting a job there, but then I wonder if it would take some of the sparkle out of it, which might not be a bad thing. My wallet might implode though.

  3. loving the outfit! especially the blazer. i can understand your love of j.crew, i used to work there during grad school, i pretty much just gave them back their money whenever i got my paycheck ’cause i’d go on shopping sprees during my break lol

  4. You’re not alone!! If I won the lottery, I would buy everything in the store. And I can’t even say that I’d buy one of everything, because of course it’s necessary to get a few different colors of a few different things. 🙂 Love your outfit today, I’ve been eyeing that jacket! xoxo.

  5. I absolutely know what you mean, so don’t feel crazy, just be comforted that you have company! JCrew is home for me, no other store speaks to me like it. I’m more of a JCrewaholic than a JCrew Aficianada. A walk in the B&M gives me an immediate pick me up. I literally save my coins to make my purchases, even if I can get a version of a JCrew item from somewhere else for cheaper, I’d rather have the JCrew one. It’s totally mental…our love affair has been going on now since 2007, and it’s still going strong! Love the jacket, I have the navy version.

    • I know what you mean. My eyes glaze over and I go into a daze, like a kid in a candy store whenever I walk into their store. I just want to grab one of everything. Maybe I should start a coin jar too:) My grandpa used to do that for me and he actually saved quite a bit of money that way. Good thinking! xo

    • Tell me about it girl!!! I’ve been told I single handily keep the economy running. Time to find a new, free habit:) You can borrow the jacket if I can borrow that necklace you had on with the denim dress:) xo

  6. Very cute look, as is your usual!

    It’s so funny you mentioned this because just this weekend an associate said, “Look at you in J Crew and Madewell from head to toe. You should work here!” I told her I would happily do so, and they could pay me in pants and jackets! When I left, she said, “I’ll see you next time…with an application.” I think for quality, style, and value, J Crew has the ratio down perfectly, not to mention that their sales are frequent and bananas!

  7. For me, it’s Ann Taylor. There’s rarely an outfit in my life that doesn’t involve something from Ann Taylor. And if it doesn’t….it probably involves something from LOFT. I love J. Crew as well, but I don’t have a huge collection like you do 🙂 And girl, don’t forget about my outfit challenge (tick tock!) 🙂

    Sarah’s Real Life

    • Oh, I love my some Ann Taylor and LOFT. I have started shopping there a lot more lately. They have some really good sales and their prices are much better than J.Crew. I like that they have a lot of petite items too, for shorties like me:) I’ve got this challenge covered, just waiting for my photographer:)

  8. I am the same way about J. Crew, so you are not alone! I once went into the store and the sales associate said, “you look like you just stepped out of this months catalog!” My husband often jokes that I keep my local J. Crew store in business. I really like the changes that Mickey Drexler made in the company over the last few years or so. I feel like I could wear almost every piece that they come out with.

    By the way, your outfit looks great biscuit and navy. I especially love the jacket!

    • Thanks girl! I have definitely found an on-line support group, lol! I have to say though, I do miss Marissa Webb. She had spot on taste and her styling was impeccable. Her new line is way out of my reach, so I will have to do a look for less:) xo

    • I love the catalogs too! I have stacks of them in the guest bedroom. They are great references for inspiration. Definitely thankful for the sales also:) Thank you for all of your support Amy! XOXO

  9. Love this whole outfit! I have the necklace and I wear it all the time! Thanks for commenting in my blog! Following you! Love for you to follow me too, if you like!

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