Seeing Spots

Top:  Loft  /  Shorts:  Ann Taylor  /  Shoes:  Target  /  Clutch:  TJ Maxx  /  Sunnies:  Target  /  Necklaces:  J.Crew, Etsy

This is my attempt at an optical illusion post to divert attention away from my unruly, messy hair.  I was hoping the spots would make you dizzy or create a dolphin jumping in the ocean.  Remember those crazy picture things at the mall, when you stared at them long enough they formed an even tackier scene?  I was never able to see the image.  So frustrating.  Well, my illusion was a complete and utter fail because I just called attention to said bird’s nest on my head anyway.  Well, at least I’m dressed properly.  Today, I’m all about Ann.  Ann Taylor!  And, I guess Ann Taylor Loft.  Thanks for helping me get dressed girl!  Green + Spots = It’s OK to have bad hair.

P.S.  What have we learned today friends?  As long as your dressed right, who cares what’s goin on with your head. 


8 thoughts on “Seeing Spots

  1. Love that shade of green with black/white! I sure hope you’re right because while I can put together a decent look, I am incredibly unskilled in the hair department. I’m referring all negative hair-related comments to this post for an education RE your genius outfit:hair equation 🙂

    • Fedoras are great for bad hair days. I’m always in one at the beach. I have the worst beach hair! So not cute. I stay away from those bottles that say “sexy beach hair,” that just doesn’t happen for me:)

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