Statement Earrings

Top: Gap  /  Skirt: J.Crew  /  Shoes: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx (old, similar here)  /  Clutch: J.Crew  /  Earrings:  J.Crew

Who knew you could make a statement with your earlobes?  But I saw these colorful cabochon earrings at J.Crew and thought to myself, I’d like to let people know I’m making a statement with my ears.  Not really, I just loved the colors and thought I would branch out from my usually statement necklace wearing habits and give these a go.  I’m not even a big earring fan, I usually wear one set of heirloom studs, but these statement stunners had so many great colors and shapes it was hard to say no.  One of their best abilities is transforming a work appropriate outfit from day to night.  The bright fuchsia clutch also helps to add color and compliment the earrings!

TIP: Try a statement pair of earrings yourself!  They are great for transforming outfits from day to night and are usually less expensive than their necklace counterparts, a big plus for your wallet! 


26 thoughts on “Statement Earrings

  1. I’ve had a pair of statement earrings in my jewelry box for over a year, and I’ve YET to wear them. And when I say statement…I mean STATEMENT. The problem is I need to build my outfit around the earrings. Usually earrings are the last thing I think about, so by the time I get to them I’m already decked out in other statements. Anyway, you have reminded me I need to get around to wearing them…yours are awesome!!

    Sarah’s Real Life

    • I need to see this STATEMENT asap! You must do a post with these gems you have been hiding soon. And I know what you mean, about already being decked out in other statements. Maybe that’s why I never wear earrings. I’ve always got a lot of other shit to say, those little guys never get to have their say. Not anymore:) xxoo

  2. The earrings definitely paired well with your purse and top! I have that same clutch from J Crew and use it all the time, it’s so versatile. BTW I was looking at the first picture thinking, “Wow what a cool feather in her hair,” only to realize it was the leaf. Wow, wake up Maria! Hehe you look lovely as always 🙂

    • LOL, that is too funny! It is a holiday weekend, so our minds are on vacation, I get it:) Don’t you just love that bag so much? A cross-body and a clutch, my two faves! And it was on sale with a 30 percent off! It was like winning the purse lottery. The only thing better would be if it were free, obviously. Thanks for the love girl! xo

    • Well, he should buy you these!!! You will love them. Maybe you should drop some hints to him that you found a big pair and if only someone special would get them for you;) Jeans are a great option too. I am obsessed with the color of the sweater too. It’s so gorgeous in person. Thanks love!

    • So glad I could inspire you to wear yours! Can’t wait to see them! I have some great ones in my jewelry box too that I haven’t worn in a long time. Looks like I will be digging out some more:) xxoo

    • Lol, I can see what you mean! I will do a fashionable “leaf” post in the near future:) Glad I kept some of my statement earrings from the past, I really like the look and will start sporting more! Thanks for the support, xo

  3. I am totally in love with your new earrings. Such fun colors and they do make a nice statement.
    I go through phases with my jewelry and used to wear big earrings but now favor small posts. I think it’s changing though because I just bought some big, colorful chandelier earrings from F21. Love them, but am wondering if they are too fancy for daytime.

    • Thank you! I think with the appropriate day attire you could wear them. Sometimes I think they are great paired with a white button up and jeans. It just gives a classic outfit a twist, but can still be appropriate for the day!

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