Color Blocking

Blazer: Gap  /  Sweater: Gap (similar here)  /  Shirt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Jeans: Gap (similar here)  /  Shoes:  BCBGeneration  /  Clutch: Zara  /  Jewelry:  Boutique earrings, Nixon watch, Stella & Dot bracelet (similar here)

Color blocking is the big “trend” lately and apparently this sweater falls under that category.  Here are two definitions I found when I Googled color blocking, if you wanted to know the real meaning of this new fashion:

~Color blocking is a technique where blocks of various fabrics are sewn together to create clothing with a few different solid colors.

~A technique used to add dimension using 2 or more colors in a more contrasting pattern.

Without this terminology, I would have easily mistaken this sweater for really large stripes!  Good thing I cleared this up for all of us, right?  Now we can all sleep easy knowing there is a difference between stripes, large stripes and color blocks.  In any case, if you have a similar sweater, they are great with plaids, especially now that the air has the crisp feeling of fall!  Are you a fan of color blocking?

P.S.  Forgive me for my hair today.  I know it’s a bit reminiscent of the ladies from a polygamist sect in Colorado or something.  At the time it seemed like a good, easy thing to do.  My bun, not polygamy…


27 thoughts on “Color Blocking

    • Thanks, I’m so glad i wasn’t mistaken for a sister wife. That was a huge concern for me when writing the post, big sigh of relief. Maybe I could start a new trend with the sister wife bun???? Or not…

  1. hahaha!! What is the deal?! I was just telling one of my good friends that she needed to check out your blog, cuz she’d love it.:) I told her the only bad thing is that we have so many of the same items that I worry about you feeling as though I am copying you. ha! I really may start calling you to ask, “What are you wearing tomorrow?”
    I love how you styled it! You look gorgeous again:)
    Not polygamist looking at all. I’ve seen some of those women, I do live in Utah afterall and they do not resemble you or your bun at all. Plus I think they would have braids and bangs.:)
    xo, amy

    • Lol! I got the biggest kick out of this today. I think you are me fashion soul mate Amy! We totally have the same closet:) Would you be mad if I re-named my blog to Dreaming in Cashmere??? OK, how about Dreaming in Cotton then??? Just kidding:) I love you, your blog and your style. Thanks for putting my polygamist worries at ease too!

      • Oh my gosh!! I was telling the Mr. all about you last night(sounds like I actually real life know you) & our dilemma of having the same closet. He didn’t believe that it could be true…so I showed him the post & we laughed. Then I started listing off all of the matching items that we have. It’s scary. But not as scary as the hair of a polygamist women in Colorado City.:)
        LMAO about re-naming your blog!!! I swear we our meant to meet someday!
        xo, amy

      • Me Too! I told my hubs all about it and showed him your post. We had a laugh and he thought it was cute. I really feel like I know you too and we have been friends for a while and I’m pretty sure we will meet someday:)

  2. this is one of your cutest posts ever loved the look even before I considered the sister wives hair …..hey we got them out here in MT. …the hair maybe but those shoes? NEVER!

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