Bad A** Boots!

Dress worn as skirt: Ann Taylor Loft  (similar here )  /  Chambray shirt: J.Crew crewcuts (similar here)  /  Sweater: Banana Republic (old, similar here)  /  Boots: Victoria Secret (use code FALL12 through today to save on your order!)  /  Clutch: Mango (similar here)  /  Sunnies: Kenneth Cole Reaction via TJ Maxx  /  Jewelry:  Etsy earrings (similar here), Ily Couture pave bracelet, Ily Couture flower bracelet

These boots are so sick!  Not feverish sick, but style wise sick.  You know who might be sick in the head though?  This girl, right here.  Well you can’t see me now, but the one in all the pictures, writing this silly little blog.  Yeah, I need an intervention, asap.  Girlfriend has a spending problem.  There, I said it.  Now that I moved past step one, admitting I have a problem, let me tell you about these awesome boots for a sec; I HAD TO HAVE THEM.  I was majorly crushing on these Givenchy boots, but I’m not going to spend $1600 dollars on a pair of boots until I win the mega millions or have some brilliant idea that makes me filthy rich.  So, I did what I do best and found a look a like pair for under a tenth of the cost.  So really in the end, I ended up saving money, right???

P.S. Thanks again to my girl at Joy and Sunshine for this adorable idea to layer your dresses into the fall!  See it here.


27 thoughts on “Bad A** Boots!

    • Thanks Kristen! My husband kind of laughed at them & I was like “What’s so funny? You don’t like them?” And then he said he did, but that he thought my outfits were getting crazier and crazier. Whatever that means. Then he said he didn’t get where fashion is going, so his POV is invalid in my book:)

  1. As they used to say on ANTM (back in the day when I watched it), you are working this look like the rent is due! I love all the textures together. I always think of my purchases in terms of how much I saved – rather than spent – too! You are such a friend-in-my-head! Thanks for the link: very much appreciated 🙂

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