Mellow Yellow – Shout Out

Top: J.Crew crewcuts (similar here)  /  Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft (similar here)  /  Shoes: Zara (similar here)  /  Necklace: Banana Republic (similar here, here and here)  /  Sunnies:  TJ Maxx (similar here)

I’m following in the footsteps of a fellow blogger today and wearing my mustard yellow jeans with a chambray shirt.  Thank you Sarah from Sarah’s Real Life!  See the inspirational post here.  If you haven’t seen her or her blog yet, you are missing out on a lot in life.  She is one fashionable female with a lot of wit to keep you laughing throughout the day.  Oh yeah, and she is in law school so she is smart and can get you off the hook should you ever need legal assistance.  You know another great lady??? My mom.  Yeah, that’s right.  Not only did she give birth to yours truly (what a masterpiece), but she also surprised me with a great gift the other day from Banana Republic.  It’s the flower brooch necklace I’m wearing today, I thought it was the perfect complement to these colored jeans.  So today I’d like to give a shout out to you great ladies today! Word.

P.S.  Have you entered the giveaway yet???


36 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow – Shout Out

  1. Love these jeans!! And that necklace… no words. Your mama has style!

    I haven’t really shopped at Ann Taylor or Loft before, how does it compare size/quality-wise to J.Crew? I did order one trench from them but I really didn’t like the fabric so it went back.

    • Thanks girl! Isn’t my mom the best?

      I would say size wise they run pretty comparably to maybe a tad larger. I think you would like Ann Taylor’s pieces better than Loft. They are a little dressier where Loft is a little more casual. Ann Taylor has some really gorgeous shoes and they always have great jewelry and bags too. Plus they always have great sales. I think they treat their customers really well also. Lots of great perks for card holders (even for non-card holders if you are on their email list), no problems returning things if you have issues, and they will go above and beyond to find an item for you. Kind of like how J.Crew used to be. I like them bc they have a good petite department too:)

  2. This look is absolute perfection!! You nailed it again! I got the sweetest comment from another blogger today saying that you & I are her faves & that we inspire her.:) WOW, huh?! Never thought of myself as being inspirational on any level. On another note, I need that necklace, so tell mom….since I know we were sister’s in the previous existence…that it’s kind of rude of her to only buy such a beautiful necklace for one of her daughter’s!!!:)
    xox, amy

    • You just made my day! No, my week. Wait, make that my year!!! That is the sweetest, kindest and nicest thing to hear. Can you call my Dad and tell him I’m inspirational? He will never believe it! I’ve come a long way from not being able to tell where Mickey’s big hand and little hand were on the clock (a good excuse for being late). I will be seeing my Mom this weekend so I will let her know she needs to buy her other daughter a necklace, stat! xoxo

      • LOL!!! Where have you been all of my life?! I can’t even handle how much I am enjoying our bloggie relationship! You are seriously so FANTASTIC! Now go tell mom that I’d like to do a post with the necklace next week, so she better get on it!

    • I just laughed out loud (I had to write it out)! My husband is like “what the hell is going on over there?” That’s a great comment! I love your acronym too. If it’s not a thing, it is now!

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