Spring Into Fall

Top: Target (similar here)  /  Vest: Gap (old, similar here)  /  Skirt: J.Crew  /  Boots: Target  /  Belt: Banana Republic (old, similar here)  /  Sunnies: Antrhopologie  /  Jewelry:  Banana Republic bangles (similar here), Nixon watch, Ily Couture bracelet

This skirt is from J.Crew’s spring collection, but my blogging buddy Andrea from Tweed and Toile and I adore it so much we didn’t want to pack it away until next year.  I told her I would try to come up with a way to save this little guy from not seeing daylight for the next six months.  So what if my upper half reads “I’m camping with the Jersey Housewives circa 1990 and I haven’t washed my hair today” while my lower half is saying “I’m a giant candy cane.”  I call ’em like I see ’em folks.  I’m taking one for the team, this one is for you girl and for our favorite skirt!

P.S.  The Shabby Apple giveaway winner will be announced on Monday!!! Have you entered yet?


26 thoughts on “Spring Into Fall

  1. You did it, girl!! Great job bringing this skirt into fall! Now I’m off to raid my son’s closet for a red/black flannel shirt! :o)
    Thanks a bunch for the link love!

  2. Funny thing, I actually stumbled onto your blog doing some “research” for a necklace (c: It’s absolutely fantastic! I’m always thrilled to find more fashion inspiration and you are such a doll! And I’m now off to try and find that skirt on eBay (c;

    • Oh wow! That is so wonderful to hear! I love being stumbled upon and being told I’m a doll;) So glad to hear you are inspired and I hope you find the skirt! I will say a little prayer to the fashion gods for you;) Thanks for finding me, xoxo

    • Thanks sis! I think you and your family should move to Atlanta so we can merge closets (not like they aren’t almost identical) & finally meet. That way we can just buy one of each item instead of two, think of all the money we will save! I will start house hunting for you this weekend;) xo

  3. Love love this! Your blog is getting more popular with the hits and comments. I can see why. You’re becoming a budding fashionista!

    • Wow, thank you so much!!! That is nicest comment! I wish I could carry you in my pocket and have you repeat this to me on the hour, every hour:) xo

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