Houndstooth & A Hound

Jacket: Old Navy (old, similar here)  /  Sweater: J.Crew  (similar here and here)/  Jeans: Gap  /  Shoes:  Colin Stuart via Victoria Secret  (similar here)  /  Necklace: Ann Taylor

This has to be one of the most comfortable outfits I’ve ever worn!  So comfortable I could take a nap, but you don’t want to see pictures of me sleeping do you?  I hope not, that would be creepy.  Well, everything is comfy except for the shoes.  They are worth it though because they make me feel six feet tall.  Wahoo, I can reach the top shelf!  I scored this sweater this past weekend at J.Crew.  This houndstooth pullover was on sale for only $25 bucks and it is deliciously soft inside, perfect sleeve length too!  Actually, my lovely mum got it for me since I’m on a spending diet.  We just happened to be having lunch last Sunday at a restaurant located conveniently near a J.Crew.  It’s nice to have someone do your dirty work 🙂 Thanks mum, I love you

P.S. Thanks for reading & have a happy Thursday!

P.P.S.  I’m thinking about upgrading the blog and would like some input.  Thoughts on using WordPress.org for self hosting or Squarespace?  Feel free to leave a comment for other advice also:)  Thanks!


40 thoughts on “Houndstooth & A Hound

  1. Cute combo of patterns- and I love the neon necklace. The shoes are fab- but they do not look comfy at all… Just curious, but where will you wear this? To the store? Running errands? Out to lunch? Personally, I always feel a little ‘over dressed’ when running errands in heels! Maybe it’s just me?!

  2. *Slapping forehead* I tried this houndstooth sweater on, and put it back on the SHELF! Seeing how you styled it and how great it looks on you really emphasizes my mistake. D’oh! Love everything about this look, esp. the camo jacket and distressed light wash denim. You have a talent for this!

    • Awwww! You know, You did the same thing with the anchor skirt for me. You had completely changed my view on that for me. I need you on style speed dial:) Thanks for the love girl, xoxo

  3. This is darling! I’ll have to admit I was getting pattern mixed out until seeing this. I have the same sweatshirt, did you size up? Love the shoes too and I was thinking comfy really?! until you said everything but, lol. But a girl’s gotta look good and you do!!

    • Thank you so much friend! Print mixing is going to the extreme and you know fashion, one day you are in and the next you are out, according to Heidi Klum. Maybe we will all be dressing in monotone colors soon, lol. I took my regular size in this sweater. I debated about this sweater for the longest time, but once it was on sale and percentage off I tried it on, SOLD:)

  4. Ohhhh, PUPPY! What a dollface. Amazing shoes – do you ever shop Mjrsales.com? When their site gets back up, it’s Victoria Secret’s warehouse store. So cheap.

    • I know, I’m sorry to make you cave. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to talk myself out of stopping by F21 or H&M to go get a fur vest. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out:) Congrats on winning the Pink Peonies contest!!! SOOOO COOL! xoxo

    • Wow! Thank you so much, friend! I like a little rock’n’roll vibe. My little buddy always helps me get a lot of likes too:) xo

  5. So super cute! I scoured the stores for a camo jacket over the weekend and didn’t see one. Finally ordered one from ebay this afternoon but it’s on the slow boat from China so it won’t be here for three weeks. ARGH!!! this looks great with the houndstooth sweater and pop of neon with the necklace. Your makeup is non-existent or at least it looks that way. So fresh and chic!

    • Hey Sarah! Thanks so much! My hubs works in logistics so maybe I can get him to speed up your package;) As much as I love clothes, I don’t really love makeup as much. When I was younger, I was OBSESSED with M.A.C. makeup (still am) and would wear more. My mom told me I should wear more in my pics, so I’m glad you said otherwise:) I just like powder, mascara and gloss!

    • Ha ~ I love it! That is too funny! I bet you look marvelous;) Isn’t it so comfortable? I could just wear it all the time:) xo

  6. I picked up this sweatshirt too and plan to wear it over an ivory blouse with big chunky pearls and black cropped pants with ballet flats for a work appropriate look. I love how you styled it and think it is very versatile.

    • I love how you planned to style yours! I have an ivory silk blouse and might have to try that underneath with a big chunky necklace. Thank you so much for the inspiration:) It really can be dressed up or down. xoxo

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