Hodge Podge

Blazer: Gap (old, similar here)  /  Sweater: Gap  /  Skirt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Shoes: Guess via Macy’s (similar here)

I’m a bit of a hodge-podge of happenings today.  My ensemble was a spur of the moment thought and as it came to fruition I wondered if it teetered between the line of tasteful and tacky.  Then I looked at the growing stack of J.Crew style guides in my living room, flipped through all those wonderful pages of inspirations and thought “You go girl!”  So here I am, tastefully tacky!  Another hodge-podge happening today is my chain of events.  Later tonight I will be attending adoration for the first time with my mum and then afterwards it’s off to meet my hubs at the tattoo parlor.  Odd, I know.  He is adding onto his leg piece.  Church and a tattoo parlor on a Friday night, I’m wild & crazy!  Hope you all have a great weekend!

TIP: Try mis-matching blazers to your skirts/pants!  The key is to match your blouse/sweater to your skirt/pant and have your jacket be of a similar, but not exact hue.


20 thoughts on “Hodge Podge

  1. You go, girl!!! I think one of J.Crew’s styling points is pointy silver shoes to make it all come together and you’ve got that going on. Those pretty shoes are fab stand-ins (ha!) for the metallic silver valentinas and maybe didn’t cost you $238.

    • Thanks girl! I agree, I think that is one of their styling gels for adding cohesion to an outfit. And I did score these for about a tenth of the cost of the valentinas:) They are super comfy too!

    • Thanks love! I so wish I could, but I checked airfare and it was 450-480 dollars! You have no idea how much I want to come to meet my long lost blogging sister and pink peonies. That would be the best weekend ever! Have the greatest time and remember me in the midst of your shopping spree;) xoxo

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