Yes You Kahn!

Top: Banana Republic (similar here and here)  /  Sweater: J.Crew (similar here)  / Jeans: David Kahn (similar here)  /  Shoes: Carlos Santana via TJ Maxx (similar here)  /  Bag: Mango (similar here)  /  Sunnies:  Anthropologie (similar here)  /  Earrings:  Etsy (similar here)

Hello, my name is Kristi, I will be your stewardess today.  Please put your laptops in their upright positions.  In the event of a fashion emergency get yourself dressed first and then help the unfit adult next to you.  Should you need assistance along the way, please don’t hesitate to press the “follow” button!  I kid, I kid!  I felt a little like the top half of me should be handing out packets of peanuts and half cans of cola products.  I don’t have any mini sized snacks to give you (they’re never satisfying anyway), but I do have some great jeans for you!  I found these David Kahn jeans at Nordstrom several years ago, but I heard about the brand years before at a boutique I used to work at.  Although they are not as available now, they are a great fit especially for curves and they have just the right amount of stretch.  Amazon seems to have a good assortment of David Kahn jeans now.  Are there any brands of jeans you swear by?

TIP:  Try to let your jeans air dry or use air fluff (if that’s an option on your dryer).  And remember to wash and let your jeans dry before getting them hemmed! Shrinkage after hemming is a total bummer:(


38 thoughts on “Yes You Kahn!

  1. I’m wearing my Nordstrom David Khan jeans right now!! Love love them – & since mine are bigger on me than my favorite but very fitted Joes Jeans, especially feels good on the days the scale shows a higher number than I like! Love the color/style of yours.

    • That’s awesome you are wearing yours as we type! I highly doubt you tip the scales in any sort of negative way, but I know what you mean;) xo

  2. I love this outfit! Very ladylike!
    I actually met David Kahn a few years ago at my Nordstrom’s. He was in the dressing room while I happened to be trying on a pair of his jeans. I had no idea who he was- and wondered why a man was in the ladies dressing room! He started chatting to me and then offered to autograph my jeans (seriously!). He wrote on the inside pocket- ‘you’re hot!’ which I thought was absolutely hilarious since I am anything but!!!

    I did love those jeans though… I wonder what ever happened to them?!

    • WHAT?!?!? That has to be the coolest thing ever!!! How amazing! That was so nice of him and you should give yourself more credit, I agree with his comment:) I really love his whole line and I check in with their website periodically, it was under major re-construction several months ago. I’m not sure why they have downsized and stopped selling as much, I loved their jeans too.

    • Ha! I wish I was traveling on a plane this Saturday to come see you, then I would bring you some:) Thanks for all the love bestie, muah! xo

  3. LOVE this outfit! My fave brand is Parasuco but they’re not available in the US. I’m Canadian so when I moved to the States I was bummed that they aren’t sold here. I try to get a pair whenever I visit.

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