Classic Meets Contemporary

Jacket: Gap (similar here and here)  /  Shirt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Skirt: H&M  /  Boots: Victoria Secret  /  Bag: J.Crew  /  Jewelry: Vintage Pin (similar here), Banana Republic earrings (similar here), Ily Couture pave bracelet, Kohl’s bracelet (similar here), Ily couture flower bracelet

I couldn’t go this week without showing some love for my Gramps and not my Gram too!  So here I am cleverly sporting my Grandmother’s sparkly brooch for a little neck bling.  I’m pretty sure she wore this as lapel bling back in her day.  Although this is probably not how she wore this jewel encrusted pin,  I’m giving new life to this vintage piece by pairing it with my chambray shirt, zebra print mini and fold over boots.  I hear you aren’t suppose to wear high boots with mini skirts; it can make you look, you know, not lady like.   It’s all about innovation and expansion people!  Where would we be without the bishop sleeve or the cone bra? Ok, maybe that’s not the same thing…

P.S. See more amazing brooches & other inspirational photography here  at my amazingly talented friend’s blog, Le Blog de Marie.


22 thoughts on “Classic Meets Contemporary

  1. Cool! I’ve been meaning to drag out my huge collection of vintage jewelry and you may just push me to finally do it.

    You go girl, with the boots and mini, the chambray shirt is just the right touch!

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