Obsession: Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz

Perfect Veil Eau De Parfum

No matter how good you look in your ensemble and how wonderful your spirit and personality may be, no one will want to hang out with you for very long if you smell like a foot.  So my lovies, today I’m introducing you to the best fragrance line I have found yet!  Because I am ultra sensitive to smells and suffer from migraines, I have a hard time with perfumes and scents.  Perfect Veil from Sarah Horowitz Parfums is light and clean, but has wonderful lasting power.  It is by far my favorite, go-to scent and I cannot live without it.  Sarah Horowitz has a whole line of products available in this fragrance, even a candle!  If fresh and clean isn’t your thing, she has plenty of other amazing scents and the best part is, you can order samples to try before you commit!  Mrs. Horowitz is very involved and extremely passionate about her products.  If you are looking for something more tailored, you can try her fragrance journey or online journey where a scent will be custom-made for you.  Now that smells like a winner to me!

P.S. Thank you so much for all your warm wishes and sweet comments yesterday!


16 thoughts on “Obsession: Perfect Veil by Sarah Horowitz

    • Hi Ina! No, I did not buy this at Sephora, it is not available there. I bought it directly from the website. Her line is only available at select stores (usually smaller boutique type places) and they are listed on her site. You can order some small samples to try from her site also. They are great for traveling too:) xo

    • Yeah girl! We can look alike and smell alike:) Seriously though, check out her site and maybe some of her samples. I just love her products and they are modestly priced! Hope you had a great weekend, xo

  1. This reminds me how badly I need a grown-ass-woman scent. I’ve been using Very Sexy since pretty much forever, which makes me smell exactly like every other girl who’s ever been bored waiting in the VS checkout line. Not what I’m going for. Definitely going to check out her site 🙂

    • Ha! That had me cracking up! I have so been there before. I have to stop myself at Ulta from buying another emery board, mini bottle of lotion or pack of face wipes. It can be devastating if you have to wait in a long line there. Glad I could introduce you to a grown-ass-woman scent! Hope you try it and like it:) xo

  2. Hi! Totally OT to this post, but I wanted to let you know that I finally had a chance to sit with my November InStyle magazine, and saw that you were featured in the Inspired by InStyle page! Congrats, that is so cool, and you look beautiful in both pictures!

    • Absolutely! This particular scent can be layered with your other favorite scents to help they stay longer. Sometimes I mix this one with my Jo Malone’s or Jennifer Anniston’s perfume (another great light scent with jasmine, but it doesn’t last that long). Hope you get to try it out, xo

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