Bag Lady

Top: Gap  /  Pants: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Steve Madden via TJ Maxx  /  Bag: Kate Spade (similar here) /  Necklace: Forvever21

After ditching my exercise class to head to Forever21, I found this sparkly little necklace along with a colossal collection of other budget friendly jewels.  I’m in big trouble after discovering all the glittery goodness Forever21 has to offer.  I foresee many more missed exercise classes in exchange for five dollar plastic bracelets and rhinestone earrings, the five-year old in me is jumping for joy.  Another item making me jump for joy, my Kate Spade cobble hill Kori bag I scored from their 75% off sale.  If you are a Kate Spade lover: (1) sign up on their email list for all their great deals and (2) this bag is the bomb!  I was a little unsure of the size (I’m petite, so big bags can overwhelm me), but decided this is the perfect bag for travel or work.  You can fit a small child in here!  Although, I highly do not recommend putting kids in purses.  Just sayin’ this bag has room, people!

TIP:  Sign up for you favorite stores email lists so you always know when sales are happening and the latest on new items!  It’s also a great way to get a b-day surprise (from most places) and coupons.  Happy Shopping!

P.S. Hope all of you in the path of Sandy are staying safe!!!  My thoughts and prayers are with you all:)


40 thoughts on “Bag Lady

  1. Ditching exercising for shopping? I do believe I’ve found my soul mate haha. But in all honestly, isn’t shopping really just another form of exercise in itself? I love love love that necklace, it reminds me of something I’ve seen by Dannijo. You look stunning in this outfit.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

    • Um, you had me at Dannijo! We are soulmates!!! haha. But really, you are a true friend and a fantastic shopping pal to help justify me going to F21 by saying that is exercise in itself! Genius. I did have to walk 15 minutes there and back from my car. You are the best Jenee:) xo

    • Yeah girl!!! Sign up for the email list and they will notify you when they have their 75% off sale. INSANE!!! It’s only for 24hrs online. My hands were shaking over the keyboard due to excitement. Someone has a problem….

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