Obsession: J.Crew Shoes

Collection Etta calf hair pumps

Collection Etta Calf Hair Pumps

Collection Sasha snakeskin pumps

Collection Sasha Snakeskin Pumps

Everly printed pumps

Everly Printed Pumps

Classic patent ballet flats

Classic Patent Ballet Flats

Collection Ainsley high-heel boots

Collection Ainsley High-heel Boots

I think if you look up the definition of the word obsession in the dictionary there is some sort of explanation of women and their love for shoes.  And if there are pictures listed under that definition, these would be it and then a crazed picture of my face frantically looking for things to barter with to get these gorgeous shoes.  Too bad J.Crew doesn’t accept cuddly cats or pudgy puggles.  No, I would never trade my babes for articles of clothing!  Or would I (bwahahaha!)???

P.S. Happy Halloween Everyone!!!



26 thoughts on “Obsession: J.Crew Shoes

  1. Did you do this to torture me? DID YOU?! Of couuuurse we’d never trade fur babies for shoes…

    but Boyfriend? Husband? They’re worth even MORE, especially if we go by weight. J.Crew, you’re getting a boy in the mail. Don’t worry, I poked holes in the box. Now send me 200 pounds of shoes please 🙂

    • Oh, NOW you’re talkin sister! If we go by weight, I would be able to get every pair in the store! No offense to my guy, he’s just what you call big’n’tall. I would make that trade in a second!

    • Oh sure sis, I will spend 400 bucks. No problemo:) The hubs won’t see anything wrong with that one. I think you would have to trade a lot more than the equestrian jacket for those;) Great concept though. xoxo

  2. Is it sad that I look at J. Crew’s website daily to just sit and stare at their shoes (and jewelry)? The stuff they make just keeps getting better!


    • Not at all girl! I look at their site daily. I can’t tell you how many minutes, no hours, of my life I have lost staring at items on their site. Maybe they should have surgeon general warning on their site….

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