Sweater Weather

Sweater: Gap  /  Shirt: J.Crew  /  Jeans:  Gap  /  Shoes: Zara (similar here)  /  Bag: Dooney & Burke  /  Jewelry:  Forever21 bracelet (similar here), Handmade bracelet, Similar Bangle Set here

Once temperatures fall below 60, I’m officially freezing all the time.  Thankfully, I found another great idea from Pinterest (see it here) to keep me warm.  This look not only gave me a cute outfit idea, but another way to hide my hair until it grows out again.  Looks like I will be tucking my hair into my sweaters all winter long.   Holla, halva!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’m praying for everyone affected by Sandy!

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39 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

  1. First of all, I’m stealing this look. It’s funny about the tucked hair thing. I’ve been growing mine out, too…FOREVER it seems! Anywho, in my usual careless manner, I’ve been leaving my hair tucked in at times. Turns out it’s instant disheveled cuteness. Who knew?!

  2. How cute are you? I love the plaid shirt layered underneath the sweater, it is such a fun look and is way cuter than a solid camisole! And I love the print mixing with the leopard heels. 🙂 PS – I know your hair is tucked in but I just want to point out that your hair would look AMAZING cut short!


    • Awww, thanks girl! So glad you liked the look, but I have to thank J.Crew for their styling on this one. Oh, and I did cut my hair, super short. Definitely not gonna do that again for a while:) Now I am in that awkward middle stage. Hopefully my hair hasn’t stopped growing, although I feel like it has;) Hope you have a great weekend! xo

    • LOL-“Project stalkallofyourPinterestboards commencing now.” You are hilarious! One thing you are not is layering impaired. Girl, you are taking on the 30×30! For another time! You know your shit.

  3. Below 60 … what about below 70? I am always freezing and even when it’s hotter than you know what outside, my office is too cold. Love this cozy comfy and chic look. What’s wrong with your hair, I think it’s cute!

    • I know, right??? Glad I’m not the only one that has an issue with cold climates. Thanks for the compliments TR! I just have been battling with my hair because it has been taking me forever to grow out and I haven’t had a haircut that I really liked in a long time. Can you hear the world’s smallest violin playing for me now???

  4. Playing catch-up on your posts – computer crash on top of blog design taking waaaay longer than expected…SMH. This look makes me happy; I love, love the shirt (alone and with the sweater!), and you rock animal print shoes like it’s your FT job.

    • J&S I have been missing you!!! I had to check your blog again to make sure I wasn’t going crazy and hadn’t missed the new blog. I am eagerly awaiting your new site. So sorry to hear about the delays:( Thanks for stopping in though, missed you! xo

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