Wine Country ~ Part 1

BlackStock Vineyards and Winery

Frogtown Cellars

This past Saturday, we packed some lunchies, waters and a carload of friends to venture up to North Georgia for a wine tasting tour of Georgia’s finest vineyards.  Before you go on a wine tasting tour friends, obviously you should be of age, but also be sure to eat something and you might want to have a height and weight requirement in place, kind of like they do for all those janky rides at amusement parks.  If we had thought of this first, I might not have been allowed in the car in the first place.  Let’s just say I’m a lightweight.  Alas, our trip was fun, filled with one picturesque scene after another.

First up was BlackStock Vinyeard and Winery.  We tasted several whites and reds which some were good and some not so good.  They had a bad frost this past year which caused the grapes to ripen in early September.  This particular winery in Georgia has over 40 acres on which they grow their grapes and a gorgeous 40 acres it is.  I really liked the Sangiovese here.  Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.  Feelin pretty good at this point.  A little warm on the inside, starting to get a little more social.

The second stop was Frogtown Cellars which was our least favorite winery of the tour, although I did like their Viognier.  From the outside, it looks like an adorable house with a coy pond out front and a wrap around porch with a gorgeous view.  Lots of friendly dogs and cats running around. There was a bit more of a crowd here and much more space inside for tastings.  Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.  Gettin a little saucy now and a little bit loud.  Why can no one hear me when I’m toasty???  Why must I yell everything like I’m a megaphone?  I also think I’m smart and funny when everyone knows both of those qualities are completely diminished when you drink.  Alcohol and I are not friends.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s conclusion of the wine tour:)

P.S.   Friday is going to be an awesome GIVEAWAY so don’t miss it!


26 thoughts on “Wine Country ~ Part 1

    • Great minds do think alike! I’m thinking your group might have been a little more subdued than ours though;) You looked so fab! My vest was from Old Navy a year or so ago. I think I saw one at forever21 the other day though…

    • Thanks TR! I just barely came out alive. I have never been to a wine tasting tour before, so I didn’t realize how much and how fast the drinking was going to occur. Lesson definitely learned:) I usually don’t drink more than 0-2 drinks anyway, so that was way over load for me.

  1. 1) I love your outfit
    2) Where did you get your vest?
    3) Love vineyard trips! You look like you had a blast!


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