Wine Country ~ Part 2

Three Sisters Vineyard

If you’re lost, it’s OK, so am I.  Seriously though, yesterday’s post was the prequel for today.   Check it out, it will bring you up to speed.

For out third tasting we stopped at Three Sisters Vineyard, the best out of all of them.  Not just because you got to eat chocolate and drink wine, but they really do have some fine tasting wines.  We all ended up buying some wines to take home from here.  They also had a resident tabby as their mascot, how cute was that little bundle?  Sharon, our tour guide, was quite generous with her pours, so by the end of this taste test yours truly had reached her taste testing limits.  Gulp, Gulp, Gulp.  Flash forward to a few minutes after said tasting, my hair is a disheveled mess (although I haven’t seen it NOT be a mess in the last eight months, so that says nothing), I’m breaking glasses, and laying on the ground.  You know those signs at the zoo that say “Do not feed the animals” or the shirts that read “Do not feed the Models,” yeah, well I need one that says “Do not give this girl wine/alcohol.”

There was a fourth stop, but there seems to be a lapse in my memory and I have no pictures for proof.  So I would like to think that there was an invasion of body snatchers, but I was just a boozy idiot that lost all motor skills.  How classy…Thanks for reading!

P.S. Friday could be your day to be a WINNER!  Make sure you tune in:)


18 thoughts on “Wine Country ~ Part 2

  1. Both of these posts make me die. I am suuuch a lightweight. I get two glasses in and my cheeks get red and I giggle and spill things. Until there’s a wine tasting offered from sippy cups, I’ll spare the general public. YOU, on the other hand, look like a model when “drunk.” Stop it.

    • I should have spared the public too, but I’m not that generous. And you are too kind my dear. I see no drunk model here. I just learned a thing or two from watching Rocky movies and Godfather movies: always wear sunglasses when you are in sticky situations.

    • You should see the pics that didn’t make the cut;) Those will really make you laugh! Glad to keep your spirits up, especially since you are sick. Hope you feel better soon! Oh, and consider me your number one Amy fan;) xo

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