Obsession: Knutek Whipped Oxygen Cream

kNutek Whipped Oxygen Cream, 1 oz (30 ml)

Knutek Whipped Oxygen Cream

Allow me to introduce you to the “Best Cream in the World!”  Well, that’s according to salon professionals via Knutek’s website.  This multi-tasking mosturizing cream contains MSM and Oxygen Plasma which have anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and skin restoring properties.  Perfect for “crows feet,” stretch marks, and aging skin (aren’t we all aging, except for Benjamin Button???).  From my own personal experience after using this cream, I love the scent, the feel and the results of this cream.  An esthetician I saw recommended this to me a couple of years ago and I use it as my night cream.  This product has never irritated my skin, in fact, I was told  to use this on sunburns to help the skin heal.  I have very sensitive, combination skin, prone to break outs (eat your heart out Cindy Crawford).   Now my skin is still all those properties, it just looks and smells a little better!


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