Check It Out

Jacket: LOFT (similar here)  /  Sweater: Ann Taylor  /  Shirt: Saint James via J.Crew (similar here and here)  /  Pants: Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s  /  Shoes:  Steve Madden via TJ Maxx  /  Sunnies:  Anthropologie (similar here)  /  Jewelry:  Ily Couture pave bracelet, Stella&Dot chain bracelet, Stella&Dot chain necklace, Stella&Dot pearl necklace

So, this is me just hangin’ out in the parking lot in my snazzy ensemble.  I have to say, after about six months of blogging, I still feel silly taking pictures in public.  People are always looking and I can’t help thinking they wonder what the hell is going on.  My response: nothing to see here people, except for my checkered jacket, it’s on sale if you’d like one for yourself!  Are you ready for the winner, winner, chicken dinner???  Thank you to everyone who entered the eShakti giveaway! Without further ado, here are the two winners of the eShakti $25 dollar certificates…

1) Kachet from The Lipstick Giraffe

2) Chelsea from Curves & Curls

Congratulations lovely ladies!  I will contact you soon so you can claim your prize!

P.S. Hope you have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading my blog!


32 thoughts on “Check It Out

  1. LOL! I feel you on the posing in public. I’ve been making my hubby take more pictures of me lately, because I think I’ve used my shoebox apartment about as much as I can. When he was taking a fall pic of me for my “A Seasonal Perspective” post, people were honking and one guy walking by said, “Smile.”

    So funny! Hope you have a great weekend, doll!

    • LOL, I love hearing other blogger’s stories about posing in public! I think we all feel that way. I’ve had a honk once, I was so embarrassed. I was like “Thanks for drawing attention my way buddy!” My hubs talks me through the odd stares though, so that helps. Hope you have a great weekend too lovie:)

  2. Girl, I smell what you’re steppin’ in. Picture taking is awkward. Why do you think there are so many photos of me on my back porch? But let’s talk about what’s important, which is how cute this outfit is. I really love how the cardigan and coat look together. I also like how everything looks with the parking lot.

    Sarah’s Real Life (pssst! Gems & Jam *vintage* giveaway in progress…)

    • OMG, you DO NOT have sausage arms! They are more like little pencils you get at miniature golf or toothpicks. Not short, just slender. You get my point, right? Thanks for being on the same parking lot page as me bb! Good to know I have you in my corner:) xo

    • Um, the loft knockoff, I know!!! I saw previews of it a few days before it was released and I was foaming at the mouth. OK, not really, but I was beyond excited. I’m headed there manana to check it out, woot, woot! Thanks for being on the lookout girl! That’s some serious support, muchas gracias;)

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