Obsession: Embellished Sweatshirts

French Connection

Sequin rhino sweatshirt




This is really the best of both worlds.  Now we can look put together with minimal effort by sporting active wear that has been bedazzled!  This glamorized sweatshirt says “I care just enough to get dressed today AND have cleverly placed sequins on so you don’t notice my five-day in a row worn jeans.”   Don’t act like you don’t do it either; thank you inventor of Febreze.  These adorable cozy knits are cousins to the cuddly critter sweaters that are all the rave.  How will you be keeping warm, sparkly knits or cuddly critters?

P.S. Hope Everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!


12 thoughts on “Obsession: Embellished Sweatshirts

    • How did you know a bedazzler was at the top of my xmass list??? That would solidify our friendship for sure! I promise not bedazzle to extreme, no jean pockets or visors for this girl. I think you are the best and I am a close second:) Have a fabulous holiday weekend lovie! xo

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