Thank You!


Necklace: J.Crew

Today I wanted to say THANK YOU to several people who have nominated me for a few special awards.  Some are long over due, so my apologies.  I’m going to bend the rules on blog award acceptance and do it my way (shocker)!  Thank you all for putting a little sparkle in my step:)

Thanks to:

~ Horse CountryChic for the Versatile Blogger award

~ Le blog de Marie for the One Lovely Blog award

~  In The Mug for the One Lovely Blog award

~  D. Jacobsohn Design for the Reader Appreciation Award

~  EssentJewels for the One Lovely Blog Award

~  My Fascination with Fashion  for the Versatile Blogger award

~  Crocs Are Awful (great name) for the Sunshine Award

Quirky Me:

~ I have a strange obsession with Betty Grable.  I have taken up half our tivo recording her movies:)

~  I’m a little OCD and can’t sleep when things are out-of-place, like a chair or my shoes.

~  I find relief in cleaning and I love bleach.  There is nothing better than walking into a clean, organized home (there’s that OCD again).

~ Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my fuzzy animals and hubs (yeah, he’s a little fuzzy too).

~ I don’t like pointy, hard fries.  I will pick them out and discard them or give them to the hubs.  I like the soft, squishy ones.

~ Sometimes the hubs and I sing conversations to each-other  it’s pretty fun and funny (and weird).  We are not good at singing.

~  You might not think so, but I cuss like a sailor.

~  My favorite movies are Lost Boys and Gone with the Wind (I wish I looked like Vivien Leigh).

Here are some bloggers I adore:

~ Joy and Sunshine (moving, but check her out here till then) – such a doll with an amazing sense of style and ability to create a fabulous mixture of patterns and textures

~Everyday Mom Style – a fabulous woman’s perspective on turning everyday looks into fashion forward outfits we all want to wear

~  Style Sprite – another adorable style blogger, you can’t leave her page without a smile on your face and wardrobe inspiration

~ Love Niki – a gorgeous girl sharing style tricks, book club picks and more

~  A Pop of Purple – a true gem in style blogging, she has really gorgeous looks

~  A Pretty Penny – an amazingly talented DIY-er, florist and style blogger

~  Clarabelle – she is cute, funny and you will love all that she puts out there

~La Loves – another beautiful girl that you will want as your bestie and as your stylist


8 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Hahaha! This was awesome! A girl after my own heart…. Although I’ve never met a fry I didn’t like. You deserve every award you’re handed. Congrats!!

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