Fashion Friend Friday ~ Lauren





Blazer: Target (similar here)  /  Dress: Fab’rik  /  Jeans:  Target (similar here)  /  Booties: Target  /  Scarf: Dazzl  /  Jewelry:  Dazzl

This gorgeous face probably looks familiar because you have seen it here and here.  Not to date myself, but Lauren and I have known each other for 18 years!  Sounds like forever, right?  We’ve seen each other through some pretty interesting wardrobe phases too.  The awkward teenage phase, the skater girl phase, the hippy dippy (coconut) phase and now we are into “adulthood” phase.  “Adulthood” phase, while more attractive in appearance is far less fun to be in sometimes I have to say.  The skater girls had way more fun, but they would never wear something as stylish as Ms. Lauren is wearing today.  I am loving her spring dress layered into the winter with skinny jeans, booties and a blazer!  Wurk it gurl:)

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6 thoughts on “Fashion Friend Friday ~ Lauren

  1. I think we went through the EXACT wardrobe phases…LOL!

    I love the spring dress over jeans look. It’s been a while since I’ve done that but I should bust it out again. For some reason I remember that look shocked people a bit, including my hubby. He’s super open about fashion but he couldn’t get on board with the dress/jeans thing. He kept asking me if I was distracted or having trouble making up my mind. Ha! : )

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