Obsession ~ Revlon Lipsticks

Lately I have been on a serious lipstick kick, searching for the perfect shade of red, orange and pink.  I told you it was a serious kick.  Gloss was my lippie of choice not too long ago and the more nude, the better.  Recently though, I have found myself wanting to wear brighter, bolder hues.  Something about a colorful pout that can really brighten your entire face.  The other day a friend was wearing a new red lipstick and she just looked so gorgeous, it really illuminated all of her features!  Not only can a lipstick change your look, but it is one of the most affordable ways to do so.  I am fond of Revlon, but I also like M.A.C. a lot too!  Here are some Revlon colors I am currently loving:

~Ravish Me Red (creme) – a true tomato red, very pretty

~ Really Red (creme) – gorgeous red that has more blue undertones than ravish me but very close

~ Coralberry (creme) – the perfect pink/orange coral

~ Siren (creme) – gorgeous orange coral

~Apricot (pearl) – a soft nude color with a touch of peach

P.S. Whenever I am thinking about purchasing a drugstore color I google the name of the color for swatch images so I can see what it looks like on others (here are some from one of my fave bloggers).  You can also just purchase at Ulta and return if you are unsatisfied  with any color:)  

P.P. S. Thank You so much for all the warm well wishes!  I really appreciate everyone’s support! Big hugs to all of you, xoxo


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