Black, White and Spotted All Over





Jacket: Banana Republic (old, similar here)  /  Shirt: Forever21  /  Jeans: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Shoes: Target  /  Belt: Gap (old, similar here)  /  Bag: Target  /  Sunnies: TJ Maxx  /  Lips: Revlon Ravish Me Red

What is black, white and spotted all over?  Well, my friends, today it is me! And my kick ass knock-off shirt from F21 (very similar to this one from J.Crew).  Thank heavens for places like F21 and Target.  What would a girl on a budget do with out ’em?  Go naked I guess.  What an interesting and R-rated blog that would make.  Lucky for you and me, these stores do exist and we can find doppelgängers of our fave clothes at half the prices of the originals.  I fell in love with this bag at J.Crew, but like a freshman getting denied by a senior, our love affair was ended immediately when I saw the price.  Thankfully, I saw this similar tote at Target.  Have I mentioned the shoes yet?  Thank you Prabal.  Looking at them, I thought they might choke any and all blood supply to my feet, but alas they are one comfy pair of heels.  Affordable + Fashionable + Comfortable = Charlie Sheen’s favorite word (winning, duh).

TIP:  Pair a red or bold lip with neutral/classic colors and a nude or light pink lip with bright colors!

Travel Diaries






Jacket: Gap (similar here)  /  Vest: Forever21  /  Shirt: Forever21  /  Leggings: Target  /  Shoes: Aerosoles (similar here)  /  Bag: J.Crew  /  Sunnies: TJ Maxx  /  Jewelry: Stella & Dot pendant necklace, Nixon watch, Banana Republic bracelet  /  Lips: Revlon in Rosewine

Hello strangers!  I know I have been gone awhile and posting a bit sporadically (my favorite Clueless word), but I will get better.  Notice how I didn’t make a promise?  I try not to make a promises I can’t keep;)  I’m done with my “vodka infused” lemonade from the batch of lemons life handed me!  On the up and up, wahoo!  The hubs and I decided to get the hell out-of-town and go to one of our favorite places on earth, St. Augustine, Florida.  If you follow me on instagram, you have seen some pics of our trip.  As for today’s look, I thought I would share my travel wear.  Pretty standard really (direct quote from Austin Powers).  Flats (a must), leggings, lots of layers and essential accessories: spacious bag, watch, sunnies and minimal jewels.  I usually have a pashmina for cold weather or I use a sarong as a scarf when flying to beach destinations since they double as a cover up, towel, and blanket.  If  I’m needing extra room for a food baby or my leggings are just giving me a hard time, I opt for a maxi dress and cardigan. What say you?  What kind of ensemble do you like to sport while traveling?

Travel Tip:  Rolling your clothes saves serious space in your suitcase instead of just folding!  More space = more room for more clothes!

Stinkin Cute Look


Sweater: Loft  /  Shirt: Old Navy (similar here)  /  Jeans: A&F (old) /  Boots: Steve Madden (old, similar here)  /  Bag: J.Crew  /  Jewelry: Nixon watch, Banana Republic bangle, Buddhist Prayer beads (gift from client)

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s day or what I fondly referred to as “singles awareness” day before getting hitched to my first husband.  That’s right, I said my first husband.  I lovingly dubbed him that on a card a while ago and now that’s how we address each-other.  Sweet, right?  So is this ensemble I’m sporting today.  It’s casual, comfy and cute.  And it stinks because I have worn it non-stop.  Don’t Judge.  Just be glad technology has not advanced to computers with sight, sound and smell!

P.S. Have a great weekend!  Thanks so much for stoping by!!! xoxo