Vampire Diaries



Jacket: Zara  /  Shirt: Gap  /  Jeans: J.Crew  /  Shoes: Guess (similar here)  /  Necklace: Ann Taylor (similar here)  /  Sunnies: c/o Firmoo   (similar here)

I’m starting to feel like a vampire.  I haven’t seen the sun in days, just rain and clouds and more rain.  ‘What’s with the sunny pictures then?” you ask.  Well, these were taken decades ago (a week and a half to be exact).  Now that I have crawled out of my coffin, I finally decided to post them.  It’s a good thing Firmoo sent me these sunglasses.  I will be needing them if and when the sun should ever appear again.  Not sure my little eyeballs could adjust to the sun’s rays.  Thank you Firmoo! A creature of the night, I mean, a girl can never have too many pairs of sunglasses (or too many pairs of anything, honestly).

HOT DEAL:  Firmoo offers a FREE pair of glasses for first-time customers (selected pairs only & you must pay shipping)!  They have a huge selection and you can even upload your own image to try on different styles.  FYI, turn regular glasses into sunnies by tinting them 80%.  

Pattern Play


Jacket: Zara  /  Shirt: Gap  /  Skirt: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes: Steve Madden (similar here) /  Sunnies: Target (similar here)  /  Necklace: Ann Taylor (old)

Every once in awhile, a “magical” article of clothing will appear before my eyes and make me want to spend full price just to have it in my possession asap.  Congratulations Ann Taylor, you and your perfectly patterned paisley skirt did it.  I am officially obsessed with this print and cannot wait to style this all sorts of ways.   Luckily, you sent me a coupon baiting me to spend more than I wanted to in order to receive a dollar amount off my total.  Funny how marketing works, isn’t it?  I did find a gorgeous pair of tan leather boots there on mega sale.  I think this was a personal best in sale shopping; originally $328, but scored them for just $20 dollars.  Thank you, thank you! I feel the congratulatory pats:)  I guess my little shopping excursion was worth it.  Like my friend Al says “I wasn’t bad, but I wasn’t good!”

Best Buy Boots:

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Keep Calm and Grunge On & a 5 Tag!


Shirt: Forever21  /  Skirt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Shoes: Tahari via DSW  /  Bag: Ann Taylor (similar here)  /  Belt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Sunnies: Target (similar here)  / Necklace: Forever21 (similar here)  /  Lips: Covergirl Spellbound 

The lovely Elissa from Professionally Petite tagged me for the “five things” post which is making it’s way around the blogoshpere.  Good thing she did because now I have some reading material for you;)

1. Speaking of reading, I’m currently on the second installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy.  Don’t hate me, but I find it dreadful.  I’m halfway through and it’s like I’m training for a reading marathon forcing myself to finish.  Not the worst thing in the world, but certainly not the best thing. Ken Follet is one of my faves.  I really love historical fiction.  I’m reading the Alchemist next. (Technically, I think I just said four things about myself here)

2. I shaved half my head underneath in middle school and dyed it red.  I was soooo cool.

3.  If it’s not obvious by now, I am seriously into “grunge” music (product of growing up in the 90’s).  I love Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden etc.  Super excited to find this shirt at F21!

4. I once ate escargot and did NOT like it.

5. Survivor is my favorite show and I think it would be awesome to be an actual player, but extremely intimidating at the same time.

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