Femme Floral









Jacket:  J.Crew (similar  here)  /  Shirt:  J.Crew  /  Pants: Ann Taylor  /  Shoes:  Steve Madden via TJ Maxx  /  Bag: Calvin Klien via TJ Maxx  /  Sunnies:  TJ Maxx  /  Earrings: Forever21 

I should have named my blog “Biscuits & Bargains!”  Besides my Jacket (which was a Christmas present, so that doesn’t really count)  and my purse (which was still a good deal), everything else was $20 bucks and under. New too.  I bought this J.Crew shirt decades ago for cents on the dollar during the times when you could actually get a REALLY good deal there.  The shoes were 20 bucks from TJ Maxx.  For some reason, unless they are Manolos (which I do not own), I have a hard time paying more than 30 bucks for shoes.  I don’t know why;  guess it is because I’m cheap.  The pants I found for 14 dollars at Ann Taylor.  So what if I had sale goggles on? And the earrings were a whopping $2.99 from F21.  Moral of the story: it pays to be cheap.

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Have a Great Weekend!


Black, White and Spotted All Over





Jacket: Banana Republic (old, similar here)  /  Shirt: Forever21  /  Jeans: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Shoes: Target  /  Belt: Gap (old, similar here)  /  Bag: Target  /  Sunnies: TJ Maxx  /  Lips: Revlon Ravish Me Red

What is black, white and spotted all over?  Well, my friends, today it is me! And my kick ass knock-off shirt from F21 (very similar to this one from J.Crew).  Thank heavens for places like F21 and Target.  What would a girl on a budget do with out ’em?  Go naked I guess.  What an interesting and R-rated blog that would make.  Lucky for you and me, these stores do exist and we can find doppelgängers of our fave clothes at half the prices of the originals.  I fell in love with this bag at J.Crew, but like a freshman getting denied by a senior, our love affair was ended immediately when I saw the price.  Thankfully, I saw this similar tote at Target.  Have I mentioned the shoes yet?  Thank you Prabal.  Looking at them, I thought they might choke any and all blood supply to my feet, but alas they are one comfy pair of heels.  Affordable + Fashionable + Comfortable = Charlie Sheen’s favorite word (winning, duh).

TIP:  Pair a red or bold lip with neutral/classic colors and a nude or light pink lip with bright colors!

Old Faithful ~ J.Crew layers





Jacket: J.Crew  /  Sweater: J.Crew (similar here and here)  /  Shirt: J.Crew (similar here)  /  Tee:  Gap  /  Jeans: Gap (similar here)  /  Boots: DSW (similar here)  /  Sunnies: TJ Maxx  /  Jewels:  J.Crew necklace (old, similar here), similar earrings here

One of my all time favorite looks from J.Crew (see the pin here) is the inspiration for today’s post.  They really are the masters of layering.  Making you want not one, not two, but most likely, three expensive shirts at a time.  Goodbye paycheck, hello crowded closet!  Seriously though friends, those days are on hold for me for a while.  I’m back on my spending diet and may just have to do a 30X30 challenge soon!

P.S. Hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!