Perfect Pairing: Black Leather & White Eyelet




Jacket: Zara (old, similar here)  /  Dress: Old Navy  /  Shoes: DSW  /  Clutch: Clare Vivier  /  Bracelets: Vintage

Oh, how I’ve missed you!  It is soooo good to be posting again!  I lost my regular photographer due to “creative differences” and life in general just got in the way.  Damn you life!!! Don’t you know I have a blog to attend to instead of paying some measly bills???  Anywho, first thing is first, I’m so appreciative of my lovely mum for not only taking these pictures, but for also letting me borrow (indefinitely, I hope) her amazing silver and turquoise jewels.  She has some really great pieces from her hippie days when she lived in Colorado.  What better way to pair hippie jewels than with a white hippie dress, right?  This dress from Old Navy was exactly what I was looking for.  The scalloped hemline is nicely done and the bodice has a pretty design too, plus you just can’t beat the price (scored mine for under 20 bucks).  One of my absolute favorite pairings is a soft, flow-y dress with a leather jacket, so of course I had to bust mine out.  See some of my inspiration from pinterest below.  Hope you enjoy!!!

P.S. Thank you for all the support and for stopping by!!! XXOO

all images from pinterest

12 thoughts on “Perfect Pairing: Black Leather & White Eyelet

  1. YAY! Happy you’re back! (You’re mom is quite the photographer :-)) I canNOT believe you picked up such a great dress for under 20 bills; looking forward to seeing the other fab ways you’ll style it.

  2. I love the way a pretty white dress looks with tough leather! This is such a cute outfit, and I’m loving those shoes!! Welcome back!

  3. Love this dress! It’s probably gone in my size from our local ON b/c everything in my size always is (Dothan LOVES Old Navy, apparently), but I’d totally want it!


  4. Glad to see you’re back! And what an outfit to start with. Love the dress and jacket combo. I absolutely love how you mix soft with hard. XO!


    P.s. I have a giveaway going on would love for you to stop by and enter. XX!

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