A Touch of Pink & Floral

Blazer: Gap (similar here)  /  Top: Ann Taylor  /  Pants: J.Crew  /  Shoes: J.Crew Factory  /  Bag: J.Crew  /  Sunnies: Target  /  Jewelry: Nixon watch, Stella and Dot bracelet (similar here ), Ily Couture pave bracelet

Nothing like a floral shirt and a bright fuchsia colored bag to liven up an outfit.  I didn’t realize how eye-catching this little crossover/clutch was until my mom took these pictures.  You know, this bag could double as a flare if you are ever lost in the woods.  Just toss it into the air a few times, someone is bound to notice.  I also make a great buoy by holding said fluorescent number; no ship shall ever be lost at sea again!  Maybe I should have titled this post “101 other purposes for a clutch.”  I’ve already named two, only 99 left.  Hmm, alright, how about “2 other purposes for a clutch!” Just take my word for it, this is a good, multipurpose bag.   Have a great weekend!

P.S. Be sure to tune in on Monday, I will be hosting a fantastic GIVEAWAY!!! 


24 thoughts on “A Touch of Pink & Floral

    • LOL, I would never threaten your life blogger bestie! I think when we shop we might as well assume the other one has/or is getting it since our taste is identical. If I ever find myself in a shopping dilemma, I’m just going to say to myself “What would Amy do?”Hope you had a fantastic weekend:) xo

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